Clever Jack Takes the Cake Take a bite out of this deliciously funny original fairy tale which received four starred reviews and was named a Best Book of the Year by Booklist School Library Journal Kirkus Reviews and the Ba

  • Title: Clever Jack Takes the Cake
  • Author: Candace Fleming G. Brian Karas
  • ISBN: 9780375849794
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Take a bite out of this deliciously funny original fairy tale, which received four starred reviews and was named a Best Book of the Year by Booklist, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and the Bank Street College of Education What would you do if you were invited to the princess s tenth birthday party but didn t have money for a gift Well, clever Jack decides to bakTake a bite out of this deliciously funny original fairy tale, which received four starred reviews and was named a Best Book of the Year by Booklist, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and the Bank Street College of Education What would you do if you were invited to the princess s tenth birthday party but didn t have money for a gift Well, clever Jack decides to bake the princess a cake.Now he just has to get it to the castle in one piece What could possibly go wrong Candace Fleming and G Brian Karas, creators of the bestselling picture book Muncha Muncha Muncha , have teamed up again to bring us a modern fairy tale starring a determined boy and a story loving princess with a good sense of humor While girls will fall for a story featuring a princess s birthday party, Jack s adventures with trolls, bears, and gypsies make this the perfect read for young boys as well and ideal for storytime.

    Clever Jack Takes the Cake Fleming, Candace, Karas, G Clever Jack Takes the Cake is the charming tale of a young boy on a perilous journey to take a birthday cake to a princess birthday party He travels through dark woods and meets an ogre, a gypsy Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming Clever Jack Takes the Cake written by Candace Fleming and Illustrated by G Brian Karas has won the Booklist Editors Choice , Kirkus Reviews Best Books of , is a Parents Choice Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming About Clever Jack Takes the Cake Take a bite out of this deliciously funny original fairy tale, which received four starred reviews and was named a Best Book of the Year by Booklist, School Library Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming read aloud Feb , Read by Seashell Mama and Papa Music credits orangefreesounds FairyTale Waltz by Kevin MacLeod is licensed CLEVER JACK TAKES THE CAKE Candace Fleming CLEVER JACK TAKES THE CAKE For grades Reader s Theater adaptation by Judy Freeman JudyReadsBooks of Clever Jack Takes the Cake, written and illustrated by Candace

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    1. Candace Fleming G. Brian Karas

      I have always been a storyteller Even before I could write my name, I could tell a good tale And I told them all the time As a preschooler, I told my neighbors all about my three legged cat named Spot In kindergarten, I told my classmates about the ghost that lived in my attic And in first grade I told my teacher, Miss Harbart, all about my family s trip to Paris, France.I told such a good story that people always thought I was telling the truth But I wasn t I didn t have a three legged cat or a ghost in my attic, and I d certainly never been to Paris, France I simply enjoyed telling a good story and seeing my listener s reaction.Sure, some people might have said I was a seven year old fibber But not my parents Instead of calling my stories fibs they called them imaginative They encouraged me to put my stories down on paper I did And amazingly, once I began writing, I couldn t stop I filled notebook after notebook with stories, poems, plays I still have many of those notebooks They re precious to me because they are a record of my writing life from elementary school on.In second grade, I discovered a passion for language I can still remember the day my teacher, Miss Johnson, held up a horn shaped basket filled with papier mache pumpkins and asked the class to repeat the word cornucopia I said it again and again, tasted the word on my lips I tested it on my ears That afternoon, I skipped all the way home from school chanting, Cornucopia Cornucopia From then on, I really began listening to words to the sounds they made, and the way they were used, and how they made me feel I longed to put them together in ways that were beautiful, and yet told a story.As I grew, I continued to write stories But I never really thought of becoming an author Instead, I went to college where I discovered yet another passion history I didn t realize it then, but studying history is really just an extension of my love of stories After all, some of the best stories are true ones tales of heroism and villainy made incredible by the fact they really happened.After graduation, I got married and had children I read to them a lot, and that s when I discovered the joy and music of children s books I simply couldn t get enough of them With my two sons in tow, I made endless trips to the library I read stacks of books I found myself begging, Just one , pleeeeease while my boys begged for lights out and sleep Then it struck me Why not write children s books It seemed the perfect way to combine all the things I loved stories, musical language, history, and reading I couldn t wait to get started.But writing children s books is harder than it looks For three years I wrote story after story I sent them to publisher after publisher And I received rejection letter after rejection letter Still, I didn t give up I kept trying until finally one of my stories was pulled from the slush pile and turned into a book My career as a children s author had begun.

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    1. SPOILERS AHEAD d ranting too.Rating, 2.5 looking at the other reviews, I m in a minority here or maybe the only one Jack is a young boy living with his mother One day he receives the invitation for the princess s tenth birthday party, along with every other child in the kingdom Of course, if you attend a birthday party, you shouldn t go empty handed This proves a bit of a problem as Jack is dirt poor Their only belongings are a spinning wheel, an axe, and a threadbare quilt, but Jack is resource [...]

    2. A young boy named Jack is invited to the princess s 10th birthday party and decides to make her a cake to give to her on her birthday On the way bad things start to happen Will he be able to make it to give her the cake Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good children s picture book that I borrowed from the overdrive ebooks library Be sure to look for this book at your local library and wherever books are sold if you enjoy picture books.

    3. What would you bring to the birthday party of a princess if you had no money This is a delightful story about Jack and what he does bring in this circumstance What I liked best was what happened when Jack s plans were changed and fate stepped in with the worse possible situations A very happy book which gives children a chance to see how situations can turn out wonderful even when your own plans might be quite different.

    4. Read aloud opening for third grade Boys and girls, imagine you are planning out a project or surprise for someone and you know it is going to be the absolute best thing you have ever thought up You think about every detail and plan each part so it will be absolutely perfect When the time comes, your project starts out just like you imagined it would but then things start to go very wrong and in the end it is nothing like you thought it would be Has this ever happened to you Pause and wait for st [...]

    5. Clever Jack Takes the Cake written by Candace Fleming and Illustrated by G Brian Karas has won the Booklist Editors Choice 2010, Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2010, is a Parents Choice Recommended Book, and School Library Journal Best Books of 2010 This text can be viewed on Adobe epub rented from my local library The text is read at an appropriate pace and illustrations are easy to view.This book is a funny tale about a boy named Jack who was invited to a princess s tenth birthday party His moth [...]

    6. The book we are going to read today is Clever Jack Takes the Cake show cover What do you think it means to take the cake children respond It could mean to take the cake physically in your hands, but it can also mean to go above and beyond the others Which of these means do you think apply to this book children respond Do you think both could apply children respond This book does not take place in the present either This book is a fantasy book and takes place in a medieval time with princesses, p [...]

    7. I d have given this 3 stars, but my 5 yr old son adored it and it makes sense to take a child s reaction into account when rating a child s book Jack overcomes dangers and hardships to deliver an ever diminishing birthday gift to the princess Throughout, he is brave, resourceful, and plucky His complete lack of self pity and despair are subtly conveyed and perhaps only readily apparent to adult readers this is no dreary, moralistic tale Children will enjoy the drama as Jack meets each challenge [...]

    8. An enjoyable variant on the folklore quest tale I liked so many of the little touches such as Jack making a cake as opposed to whittling a doodad, or whatever , and doing it quite well the candle that appears instead of a lightbulb over his head when he has an idea his glass half full attitude the flower girl running around the throne room having the time of her life some of the phrases the way the little forest animals are all lined up at the edge of the page watching Jack go by himself into th [...]

    9. When a book is hitting all cylinders, it s a beautiful thing, that s what we have here Outstanding storytelling and illustration Jack Takes the Cake is a succulent gem that highlights a resourceful boy on his quest to deliver a birthday cake to the princess.I see two main themes here resourcefulness and the value of a good story, which is hard to deny.Fleming s text is excellent descriptive, with a good amount of repetition.The illustrations enhance the story Examining the endpapers provides a d [...]

    10. Candace Fleming used the Clever Jack template to launch a a completely refreshing and new story Jack broke through some gender role walls by baking a cake decorated with walnuts and a succulent red strawberry for the princess, but the main message that genuine human interaction is worth than rubies or tiaras can t be heard too many times by the little princesses of the world Some picture books with this amount of text won t hold the attention of a group of children, but this story had the whole [...]

    11. This book can be for a boy or a girl The grade can be a 1st grader or higher The book is a good read because this boy name Jack has no money,but comes up with a idea that he will make something for the princess instead of buying something because he does not have any money for any present So Jack makes a cake for the princess, but on the way he came upon some problems and when he ends up with coming to the princess s party He told her of what happened to his gift and the princess liked his story [...]

    12. We are every bit as charmed by Jack as the princess The children of the land are all invited to the Princess s birthday party Poor Jack is stumped as to what to give the Princess and decided to splurge on a cake As he proudly travels to the castle with the wonderful cake he is beset on all sides by plundering animals and even palace guards shocking, really When he greets the Princess who is surrounded by heaps of presents all Jack can offer is the tale of the cake and its travels Lovely.Another [...]

    13. In this story, Jack bakes a cake for the princess s birthday A fine gift, to be sure The problems arise when he journeys to the castle to give her her cake Along the way he meets four and twenty black birds, a dancing bear, an ogre, and a scary forest He starts to lose parts of his cake, the poor dear What will he ever do What can he give the princess now

    14. If you can get over the unfairness of the 99% being asked to contribute to the overprivileged 1%, this is a pretty adorable tale of a young boy s attempt to take a special, homemade cake to a princess s birthday party view spoiler He loses bits and pieces along the way but still manages to offer up the best gift of all hide spoiler Awww

    15. This book can be for any gender, and they can be in second or third grade, the reading is paragraphs per page It is an adventure story that has very elaborate pictures It has a sequence to it so kids may know and get excited for what s coming next This book is a 2012 Golden Sower Nominee.

    16. Clever Jack Takes the Cake is a unique fairy tale that delights with you guessed it cleverness Children will adore the predictable pattern and enjoy the hijinx that Jack encounters on the way to the Princess birthday party, but the happily ever after will make them smile.

    17. My four year old gives this one 21 stars I d have to agree What a wonderful story, and such lovely illustrations.

    18. Audience PrimaryGenre Clever Jack Takes the Cake is considered part of the traditional literature genre Within this category, however, the story satisfies aspects of both the fairytales and tall tales sub genres Clever Jack Takes the Cake fits into the fairytale category since it revolves around the kingdom s princess s birthday party and her desire for a unique birthday present The story fits into the tall tales category of literature because despite Jack s poverty, he manages to bake the most [...]

    19. I ve been a first and second grade teacher for 16 years and have read hundreds of stories to my kids students Every single time I open a new book I get ridiculously excited to read what is inside I had never heard of this book from anyone but decided to purchase it for my class through my school s Book Fair Man is this my new favorite I adored it My kids loved it too Fantastic plot, characters and I adore the moral of the story I do not have any biological children but will be purchasing this bo [...]

    20. This story tells of Jack, who only wanted to go to a birthday party for the princess, but had nothing to offer her He goes through a lot of create and present a gift to the queen, but the farther along he goes in his quest, the obstacles present themselves Jack s gift dwindles and dwindles, until there is nothing left but the story of his efforts, which is finest gift he could have offered the princess to begin with Very clever tale, with an interesting theme Well done.

    21. 8 July 2010 CLEVER JACK TAKES THE CAKE by Candace Fleming and G Brian Karas, ill Schwartz Wade, August 2010, 40p ISBN 978 0 375 84979 4 Down the long narrow hall he was ledInto her rooms with her tapestries redAnd she never once took the crown from her headShe asked him there to sit down.He said, I see you now, and you are so very youngBut I ve seen battles lost than I have battles wonAnd I ve got this intuition, says it s all for your funAnd now will you tell me why Suzanne Vega, The Queen and [...]

    22. This book is about a sweet boy who wanted to make the most perfect gift for the princess and his journey to take the gift to her The boy faced many challenges during his journey but did not let that stop him from giving the princess the most perfect gift Such a powerful story about the reality of how impactful meaningful gifts really are.

    23. I loved this book Chose it randomly at the library, but loved the story and how Jack kept going and didn t get discouraged with every bump in the road, and when things appeared the most bleak, his apology became a grand tale.

    24. A cute story about Jack, a young boy who is determined, courageous, and of course, clever This is a great way to teach children about being resourceful, and optimistic and I recommend it for classrooms and homes alike.

    25. Wow, an amazing and unselfish character I was so, so sad as the book went onankful for the happy ending

    26. This book is such a cute story about friendship, and not worrying about were you come from It is also a very good story about perseverance.

    27. March 2017 this reads like a fairy tale and is a great adventure story on several levels and good for birthdays, too There s a lot I love about it resourcefulness, not giving up, making the best of a bad situation, the power of storytelling, etc But there are a few things that bother me the I read this story earlier this month I read it to a first grade class and they ate it up definite hit sure, it s generous of Jack to bring the princess a cake, but he sells their few belongings to do so Also [...]

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