• Title: The Adventures of Lando Calrissian
  • Author: L. Neil Smith
  • ISBN: 9780345391100
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the price of one, you get three Lando Calrissian novels LANDO CALRISSSIAN AND THE MINDHARP OF SHARU, LANDO CLARISSIAN AND THE FLAMEWIND OF OSEON, and LANDO CALRISSIAN AND THE STARCAVE OF THONBOKA You know him as a gambler, rogue, and con artist Lando s always on the frontier scanning his sensors for easy credits and looking for action in galaxies near and far.

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    1. L. Neil Smith

      L Neil Smith is a Libertarian science fiction author and gun rights activist.Smith was born in Denver, Colorado His father was an Air Force officer, and his childhood was spent in various places including Waco, McQueenie, and La Porte, Texas Salina, Kansas Sacramento, California and Gifford, Illinois all before he completed 5th grade and then St John s, Newfoundland and Ft Walton Beach, Florida where he graduated from high school He was editor of LEVER ACTION BBS now defunct , founder and International Coordinator of the Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus, Secretary and Legislative Director of the Weld County Fish Wildlife Association and an NRA Life Member.

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    1. I loved reading this trilogy It was a bit on the outer limits of Star Wars stuff, but very inventive And not surprising, it was written so early that there wasn t really a cannon other than the movies and a few oddities.

    2. heart warming tales of an opportunistic city administrator s bureaucratic maneuvers and sexual harassment of subordinates.

    3. Don t bother.More pedestrian pulp fiction hiding behind the Star Wars label Doesn t even connect to the greater universe of SW.

    4. Finally, I am through the Dark Times.Seriously, reading the books from before Heir to Empire leaves me wondering how we got so lucky in the first place One should skip all of them Okay, the Han Solo Adventures were good Han felt like he would shoot first he says so, come to think of it , and is true to the conscientious scoundrel we know and love ThesewellLando isn t a very well developed character in the movies You pretty much know that he is an old friend of Han sd that s about enough to let y [...]

    5. This comes before Lando and Han Solo every met.Mindharp of Sharu is 1.5 stars The writing is pretty piss poor He makes Lando as this big joker really All he is just making jokes left and right and when he is not all he says is Don t call me Master If you read the book you will understand But he is playing, you guessed it, sabacc and he wins money and a robot on a different planet He gets the robot and is blackmailed into getting this object or face prison for the rest of his life And so the adve [...]

    6. There were only a few books written back in the days before Star Wars books all had to interlink, feature Mara Jade and reference as many other aspects of the Star Wars universe as possible L Neil Smith s Lando books are my favourite of them all Lando could easily have been presented as a Han Solo carbon copy, yet Smith concentrates on the fact he s a con artist gambler who prefers not to dirty his hands or crumple his suit As with all great books, they propelled me to read others of Smith s wor [...]

    7. I am sorry to say that this book tried it s best to hold me at arm s length and it succeeded The author used all these unknown words to me to describe what I think were everyday things, but none of them were present in the Star Wars universe that I know And they didn t make any sense.Lando, while we did not get much of a background of him in the movies, would have been a perfect character to expand upon, but the only thing I got from this book that I was able to read was he was a crabby gambler [...]

    8. The Adventures of Lando Calrissian is a trilogy of poorly written books They remain interesting, however, and are not outside the realm of possibility in the star wars universe.The main problem with the book is the shifting in time In the second book we constantly alternate from lando playing sabaac with one group of people with various adventures he has had in the past The structure makes absolutely no sense and is confusing This continues into the third book, though it is not as bad there I di [...]

    9. I read this for the sake of completion These were probably written based on the script of Empire, so there is not a lot of character information to build on for Lando These aren t terrible as sci fi stories go, but not all that compelling either A solid Meh.

    10. Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of SharuA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far awayThere was this suave gambler by the name of Lando Calrissian.While on some backwoods asteroid, winning some credits at the Sabacc table, Lando wins a new droid, Vuffi Raa.Then, poor Lando gets black mailed into going and hunting down this Mindharp Because life just isn t easy for poor Lando So, him and Vuffi Raa go flying around in the Millennium Falcon for a bit before going to Rafa something or other.I loved th [...]

    11. I m rating this and reviewing this for the record it s something I m trying to do for all the books I ve read, or at least tried But it s the case than usual that my personal tastes factor into my reactions this really just isn t a book for me I actually was drawn to the book not because of Star Wars, but because of the author, L Neil Smith Smith is known as an author of libertarian science fiction His novel The Probability Broach is particularly well known among libertarian circles When I was [...]

    12. I had tried to start reading this one about six times before I finally managed to read it What bothers me the most is that these are practically not Star Wars stories at all If the title was Sir Reginald Wilson s Space Adventures and all three Star Wars y things Lando Calrissian, Millennium Falcon, droid were replaced, no one would ever suspect a thing.Lando is not in character at all He calls every one old something or other , his second running non joke is don t call me master which wasn t fun [...]

    13. In a word skip.What a disappointing set this was While it was nice getting to know Lando Calrissian and witness his personality get created to fit that of what we see in the movies, that s about all the nice things I can say You old pirate or You old can opener were nice touches, showing that he had a habit of using nicknames on everyone and just being a friendly, risk taking gambler But the plots of these books were ridiculous I m reading about Star Wars, not Harry Potter Introducing magic, or [...]

    14. Lando Calrissian is a very compelling character The fact that he could betray Han Solo and company in Episode V and still come up as a fan favorite after that is sufficient evidence to his charisma and roguish charm And this trilogy, told in the same vein as Brian Daley s The Adventures of Han Solo is a great addition to everybody s favorite space gambler Whereas Han is usually as quick with the blaster as quick with his mind, Lando usually prefers a diplomatic approach to engineer himself out [...]

    15. This book is a collection of three novellas All three stories deal with Lando before we meet him in Empire Strikes Back This is one of the earliest EU books written.I did not care for this collection as these stories did not capture the essence of Lando or this universe These three stories read as if the author wrote three science fiction stories and then decided to insert a Star Wars character into them and make it part of the EU Any nondescript character could have been the main character As o [...]

    16. Of the various Star Wars books that I read in my youth, this is one of the ones that s held up best L Neil Smith had a pretty free hand with these, and it shows the stories are made of fun, scoundrel centric adventure wrapped around chewy science fiction Big Ideas Lando here is the great adventure protagonist he hardly ever gets to be.There are some problems characters start as cliches and get built up beyond that, but some of them never get the chance to get built up Imperialism, colonialism, a [...]

    17. For starters, there are some campy moments in this series No doubt However, these stories are space adventures starring Pimp Daddy Lando in his prime, while he still had the Millenium Falcon Lando is accompanied by an interesting droid partner name Vuffi Raa and they seek out some adventures Pure fun, if silly in spots There a couple of fun fourth wall references, I think mainly in the Flamewind of Oseon Basically a cameo by Big Bird and the colors of the solar flare are explained in the manner [...]

    18. I once owned these in paperback.This trilogy would make a good movie All you is a Billy Dee Williams type The vuffa droid would make a nice action figure The story doesn t expand the universe but does give you some new locations if you are running a star wars campaign I don t play cards but sabbac might be worth a few thoughts.

    19. Alas, my guilty pleasure is reading cheesy sci fi paperbacks, and I especially am a sucker for the Star Wars books I also read the Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and a couple books in the Halo series they are like literary candy for me The Lando Calrissian series 3 in 1 Yay are a fun mix of western and fantasy, and the stories have very little to do with the Star Wars mythos Indeed, I believe they were written shortly after The Empire Strikes Back, so the authors would have had no clue about any of t [...]

    20. I liked Lando in the movies However, he is best suited as a supporting character And even then, I feel as though writers have only used him for fan service in recent books I ve read over 80 Star Wars books, and at this point I really don t see how he could be made relevant again Either they don t know how to write him, or he was never interesting of a character to begin with My point is, these three books are good indicators that he isn t capable of carrying his own stories, and they suffer for [...]

    21. I am sad The three stories in this little paperback pretty much sucked Though I could hear Lando s voice throughout, there was no shout out to the Star Wars universe on any kind of appreciative level I give it two stars, because if it were to rate only one then I d have probably set it aside or thrown it into the circular file half way through the first story Just constant sabacc and running around having mildly interesting adventures This thing barely held my interest, and I honestly don t know [...]

    22. The perfect carry around compendium, this series of Lando Calrissian s adventures are brief, movie style adventures similar to Brian Daley s Han Solo Trilogy.Lando handles things very differently than Han He s victorious with money, and honest with his feelingsere s less of a body count, but higher intergalactic stakeshis adventures are less gritty and colorful, and with him piloting the Falcon, the galaxy doesn t feel like a violent unsafe place ready for the con the Galaxy is rich and color [...]

    23. I m not sure whether to leave a positive review or a negative one Ah well, I ll just go with my time honored tradition of defying the critics Despite what you will read in the other reviews, this is actually a good book It s actually refreshing, after all the galaxy is at stake and the jedi are the only ones who can stop it sort of book that you will probably find in almost every other star wars EU edition This is a good book, and nothing the critics say can change that.

    24. This wasn t as good as the Han Solo Adventures, but it was ok Not too much to say about it really Just 3 different stories of Lando with his little droid Vuffi Raa It is interesting in the fact that these were written back when there weren t many Star Wars books out back in 83 They re not bad, but not essential Star Wars reading.

    25. Me ha llamado menos la atenci n que otros libros que he le do hasta ahora de Legends, pero aun as ha estado bien conocer las aventuras de Lando durante algunos de sus locos viajes espaciales Creo que lo que m s me ha gustado ha sido la relaci n de Lando con su droide Vuffi Raa, que da lugar a un mont n de momentos geniales.

    26. While the first adventure was fun to read as Lando Calrissian s personality really came out and his friendship with Vuffi Raa was central to the story, the second adventure barely held my interest.I think two of three adventures is than enough to get a thorough sense of Lando as an individual character.Not recommended

    27. I enjoyed this story, but at least partly because it s not really a star wars story You could have replaced lando and the falcon with brand new characters and ships and the story would not have suffered in the slightest But it s still good space fantasyish stuff, and is pretty compelling.

    28. I had never read a Star Wars book before and this was about what I expected a lot of action without a ton of depth It did have a bit detail and imagination than I expected, and some humor I liked the third book section the best some creative ideas.

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