Little Big Love About a Boy meets Parenthood in this smart big hearted love story about a family for whom everything changed one night a decade ago and the young boy who unites them all Told through the eyes of Za

  • Title: Little Big Love
  • Author: Katy Regan
  • ISBN: 9780451490346
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • About a Boy meets Parenthood in this smart, big hearted love story about a family for whom everything changed one night, a decade ago, and the young boy who unites them all.Told through the eyes of Zac, Juliet, and grandfather Mick, Little Big Love is a layered, heartfelt, utterly satisfying story about family, love, and the secrets that can define who we are.

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      409 Katy Regan
    Little Big Love

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    1. Katy Regan

      Katy Regan was born and brought up in the northern seaside town of Morecambe Her claim to fame aside from being possibly the only person in the world to get expelled from primary school is that at the age of 16 she went to stage school in Surrey with Posh Spice She worked at 19 magazine for two years before joining Marie Claire in 2002 Highlights in that position included spending ten days in the buff on a nudist resort and becoming a footballer s wife for a week all in the name of investigative journalism In 2004 at the height of her career as the office roving reporter singleton, she fell accidentally pregnant by her best mate who just remained a friend Seeing the creative possibilities in this unconventional situation, her editor commissioned her to write a column And then there were three which proved so successful it ran for two years and inspired many a reader to write in to Katy with their life story She has now taken her loyal following to her blog The State She s In on the Marie Claire website She lives in south London and shares care of her son Fergus with his dad who lives across the road.

    882 thoughts on “Little Big Love”

    1. A captivating family drama with the most appealing characters that draw you fully into the touching story.Young Zac has reached a point in his life where he wants to know about the dad who abandoned him as a baby He has always been told by his mother Juliet that Liam, his father, just took off, never to be heard from again His grandparents have always reinforced the message, his Nan reserving a special kind of scorn anytime Liam s name is mentioned Zac refuses to believe that his dad wouldn t w [...]

    2. I really enjoyed Little Big Lies, I would give it 4.5 stars There wasn t one character that I didn t like or love Katy Regan told the story from three alternating perspectives, Zac, the 10 year old son, Juliet, the mother of Zac, and Zac s grandfather, Mick Zac is determined to find his father who ran off when he was three weeks old and invite him to his 11th birthday party This was such a well written novel.Regan did a superb job at making each voice sound unique Zac felt like a REALLY sweet 10 [...]

    3. Thank you to the publisher for a free copy of this book thanks to a Giveaway Charming, warm, and heartfelt This multigenerational story about the things that make a family, the pains within a family, and the bonds of family was heartbreaking at times, but the strength of this family s love shone throughout Grandfather Mick, mother Juliet, and son Zac have all experienced trauma through their lives, and the greatest one, the loss of Juliet s brother Jamie, also resulted in the absense of Zac s fa [...]

    4. It is hard to say what this is book is primarily about Is it about a 10 year old who is wise beyond his years, when ideally he shouldn t be Or is it about a woman who takes years to process the events of a fateful night where she loses both her brother and husband Or is it about a parent who is carrying the weight of the events that lead to him losing his son I think this book is primarily about processing grief and the time it takes to forgive people who are responsible for it Sometimes, the ti [...]

    5. Thanks to NetGalley for providing an Advance Reading Copy in return for an unbiased review I read Little Big Love by Katy Regan and Flying at Night by Rebecca L Brown within days of each other, and I couldn t imagine not reviewing them together Both are books about the extremely close bond between a mother and her only child both sons , and both are told in the alternating viewpoints of the mother, the son, and the maternal grandfather Little Big Love made me fall in love immediately Zac is such [...]

    6. A full five stars for this amazing story with the most appealing and realistic main characters I loved Zac, a funny, sensitive, overweight ten year old boy, who makes it his mission to find his Dad, who he believes abandoned him Juliet, his Mom, is also battling weight issues, while working and raising her son alone after a tragedy separates her from Zac s Dad And then there is Mick, whose voice resonates with guilt, yet love for his daughter and grandson I love this moving, heartwarming story a [...]

    7. Enchantingly warm this broken yet wonderfully relatable family story has spot on voices I m in love with Zac s 10 year old persona as he was an ideal protagonist and nostalgic As the characters come into focus, they develop into a kaleidoscope that s tangible and familiar You experience each of their emotions from heart wrenching fat kid memories, to equal parenting pangs from an adult perspective It felt deliciously like About A Boy and Dear Frankie with far deeper storytelling and heartwarming [...]

    8. I enjoyed this easy read I especially liked the way the story unfolds and is told through 3 characters from 3 generations of the family It was a good way to see the perspective of each family member on past events that had shaped their family dynamics, as well as those unfolding that would change everything in their family.

    9. I hardly ever like the endings of books but this ending was really good The whole book was well written, with the three different narrators each having a well formed, unique voice There was just the right amount of suspense and shock, and overall it was just a really nice read.

    10. Absolutely love this book Ms Regan captures the interaction between the family members perfectly My favorite character is Zac She has managed to truly get inside his mind and thought process I was hooked from the first chapter Looking forward to reading of her work.

    11. Good read for young readers Heart touching story of a boy that is bullied and the hidden truth about why he doesn t have a dad.

    12. Katy Regan s writing is effortlessly emotional and authentic, and BIG LITTLE LOVE had me hooked from the first page Zac s voice is wonderful vulnerable and tough and entirely convincing It s a heartfelt novel about love, family, and self belief, and I loved it.

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