Beast Master Nate s To Do List De pants Ganesh Shut down a Monster Circus Rescue a Chimera And host Friendsgiving for his guests an Angel Achilles and Death just to name a few Easy Peasy The Beast Master has co

  • Title: Beast Master
  • Author: Shayne Silvers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nate s To Do List De pants Ganesh Shut down a Monster Circus Rescue a Chimera And host Friendsgiving for his guests an Angel, Achilles, and Death, just to name a few Easy Peasy The Beast Master has come to town, and he s kidnapping shifter kids for his show.But the Queens of Fae also want a little deep fried wizard for the holidays.Oh, and Nate is losing that Nate s To Do List De pants Ganesh Shut down a Monster Circus Rescue a Chimera And host Friendsgiving for his guests an Angel, Achilles, and Death, just to name a few Easy Peasy The Beast Master has come to town, and he s kidnapping shifter kids for his show.But the Queens of Fae also want a little deep fried wizard for the holidays.Oh, and Nate is losing that last finger hold on his sanity hallucinating, and talking to creatures that no one else can see The demon inside of him is getting stronger, fighting for dominance, and only one of them can survive.But when Nate s extorted to rescue a lethal Chimera child from the Beast Master s Circus, Nate s only option is to partner with his inner demon, risking his very soul But his friends begin to doubt and fear this new, darker Nate, taking matters into their own hands even when that means standing against him.With allies turned enemies, the Fae breathing down his neck, and a dangerous child s life on the line, Nate must call upon, bully, and coerce new storybook legends and gods to save his traitorous friends from becoming the Beast Master s next victimsDiscover what if anything Nate is willing to sacrifice to save the friends who betrayed him If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, or Patrick Rothfuss, you will LOVE the fifth installment of The Bestselling Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller series Click or tap BUY NOW to jump into this snarky slugfest TODAY INTERVIEW WI

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      Let s cut to the chase You read stuff I write stuff So, If you want to nab a few of my free Best Selling Urban Fantasy books to test the waters, go here shaynesilvers Now, let s talk about this specimen of a man named ShayneShayne Silvers writes the Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series which features a foul mouthed young wizard with a chip on his shoulder attempting to protect St Louis from the various nasties we all know and fear from our childhood bedtime stories Nate s been known to suckerpunch an Angel, cow tip the Minotaur, and steal Death s horse in order to prove his point His utter disregard for consequences and self preservation will have you laughing and cringing on the edge of your seat.Get your FREE Nate Temple Starter Library TODAY at shaynesilvers.Shayne holds two high ranking black belts, and enjoys conversing about anything Marvel, Magical, or Mythological You might find him writing in a coffee shop near you, cackling madly into his computer screen while pounding shots of espresso.

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    1. Beast Master The Temple Chronicles 5 by Shayne Silvers is yet another awesome book in a string of greats I can t wait for these books to hit the big screen either as movie or tv show This one is no different then the others in that it is filled with humor, snark, danger, unexpected creatures or surprises, and great characters There are big surprises in this book Indie has a new look, Nate redecorates his house, and his friends want to kill himwait, that s not new Lots of fun in here with snarky [...]

    2. My affection for the first books in the series has me continuing to read past the last book s 3 star review, hoping the series would shake off its issues and bounce back.It didn t happen with this installment and I m debating whether I ll read the next.While I like that Silvers is getting a quick turnaround with series installments I m ridiculously impatient when I want to continue reading and run out of books , I almost feel as if this is what s causing the series to suffer because he s not spe [...]

    3. The Plot Thickens This book gives further developments into the Syndicate and their grip throughout the paranormal community as the plot thickens, together with insight into how Ichabod and Indie are going I ll stop here so I don t let any secrets out

    4. Every single time I think Mr Silvers will never be able to write a better book than the one he just wrote, he surprises me every time In this latest installment of the Nate Temple series, Nate is feeling all kinds of down as he has lost someone important to him to another family member, and he is dealing with his new power Then, he is approached by Rufus who wants Nate to rescue his daughter from the Beast Master, someone who kidnaps Freaks and puts them in his show Nate is willing but is put of [...]

    5. Silvers writing ability has proven brilliant through all his books, but the sheer gravitas he puts into this story with every little thing and all of it piling up to absolute chaos shows that there is madness in his methods and for good reason This time the protagonist s biggest enemy to overcome is himself and his instability, and learning that his choices have effects and consequences than he could have foreseen on numerous levels Every character comes to call in this story and all of them co [...]

    6. As with all of the books in the Nate Temple universe, this one seriously does NOT disappoint Shayne Silvers, as always, starts with action and adventure, sprinkled liberally with snark and wit, a few dashes of angst and woe, and and a smidge of WTF for good measure.Figures of myth and legend, whom you have always felt comfortable knowing through literature are always brought to light in whole new and interesting ways, humanizing them also, at times, demonizing them Characters are always well rou [...]

    7. Excellent This is a different Nate Temple, one who is jaded, feels abandon and may be slowly loosing his mind There is a lot on anger in the beginning of this book allies, foes, strangers everyone seems to be working against Nate including himself but there s a superb ending leading to the next book which I cannot wait to read.Lots of old faces return, but it s the new friends who shine, here Nate s trying to hold everything together, with Indie off training, Gunnar focusing of his pack Nate s [...]

    8. Nate s sanity is slipping, he has lost Indie after she took off with Ichabod who he hates and the gets tricked to help someone out I love how people who were once enemies now allies, but alas there are others who no longer are allies Nate really has his job cut out for him to stand up to the Beast Master even with a lot of help and pressure as others are affected by the Beast Master You will LOL with the scene in the bank and Alucard and the digs he gives poor Gunner.More than the Beast Master c [...]

    9. It s been said that no relationship can exist in a vacuum Nate Temple is finding this out because all of his are starting to suck His friends think he s going crazy, he s not sure he isn t and he has bitches than a puppy mill mad at him Add in Gods, Angels, Horsemen of the Apocalypse and fairies that would sooner take your teeth than leave you money and you have making of one epic adventure This book takes Nate and you on a much darker journey than the previous books While you could read the bo [...]

    10. Beast Master A Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Book 5 The Nate Temple Chronicles For a book series to carry on from where it left off in the previous book as got to be a hell of an author to keep going, talking about a series of books taking you on an adventure like this is truly wonderful series I really don t know how much the series can go but for it to continue would be an honour to read

    11. A little too metaphysicalEveryone seems to be turning on Nate as he battles with trust issues and a deeper descent into Maker madness Another curse strips his powers and he meets with gods Shiva and Ganesh for some metaphysical advice Indie s gone bad and it fuels Nate s anger driven chaos Throw in the evil Beast Master kidnapping Freaks for his death matches, and it is one busy story.

    12. Consistently great writing, but this might be the last one for me I liked the idea of him being a Maker and after one book it was taken away Not that I want to take away from the author s discretion, but it s the manner in which it was taken It seems like Nate really never learns lessons from previous books And Indie That shift was probably akin to Anakin Skywalker switching sides and killing kids.

    13. Team Temple does it again Much like the previous books, Shayne Silvers brings his readers on a supernatural thrill ride in his latest I love how various flavors of were, fae, wizards, etc are thrown together to provide a fast paced but involved story The fact that it s set in St Louis is the icing on the cake.

    14. This is simply one of the best series I ve ever read Nate Temple may have started out an arrogant jerk, like some have said in the past, but he s matured Unfortunately, his problems have only grown with him He s made some very powerful friends and enemies Things are about to get hotter than ever after based on what he s been shown and you don t want to miss it.

    15. Fecking AmazingI absolutely love every single one of these books Well written Shayne is a story teller of epic portions Mixing culture, religion, God s, faeries etc And keeping it all straight to make it a funny and enjoyable experience It s like nothing I have ever read before.

    16. Nate Temple is back.Nate Temple returns It appears that every time Nate comes up against a new foe he leaves with new allies, whether they become allies through choice or are somehow coerced into the role makes no difference Nate finds that some of his friends have hidden abilities, which earns them respect from Nate and a new nickname for Alucard.

    17. A freaking amazing read Loved everything about it Action, laughter, mystery, gods, fae, weres, just plain addiction Absolutely a must read Characters that you love some you love to see killed off writing that does not disappoint I won t go into the story itself because you seriously need to experience it yourself.

    18. A True Visionary I am an avid reader and I have never experienced such a masterful storyteller Shayne s ability to weave a tale and totally engross you in the story is magical I must say that he has become my 1 favorite author and I look forward to his upcoming books The Beast Master will entertain you and leave you on the edge of your seat and like all his fans.g for

    19. Love Team TempleGreat story telling, always leaving you wanting I love sarcastic, always creative Nate he fast on his feet and loves a good lunch line I love the story line of Alucard, he is a great addition to the team.

    20. Nate Temple Rocks I have read all the Temple books in the last week, I liked them so much Cept now I have to wait This series is a blast Try it, you ll Like it Blessings, MystycWytch

    21. Loved it I love this series Deep characters bring his world to life If you love the it vocal or supernatural then do yourself a favor and read this series Cannot wait to find out how the overarching story unfolds.

    22. Another winner from Shayne Silvers Action, Adventure, Mythical Creatures, Magic, Snark.What a FREAKING AWESOME BLEND in this story, no make that series the whole series is amazing I voluntarily read an ARC and this is my honest review.

    23. Awesome I can always count on loving every minute of reading a Nate Temple book I love the characters, the plot, the excitement, the twists and turns, just everything Great writing and world building Never a dull moment and never disappoints.

    24. Love this series Starting on the next book, and then, unfortunately, will need to wait for the next one Love this series Starting on the next book, and then, unfortunately, will need to wait for the next one I have devoured this series this summer

    25. Great book I am truly enjoying this series The author has created a way to include many different cultures Gods and legends into the story It is not too cluttered it nicely incorperated into the story.

    26. Insert trite title herePage turner Gripping Couldn t put it down And daggone it, every one of them is true Who can be trusted Layers of betrayals Chaos And Nate Temple, smack in the middle of it all So entertaining Highly recommend

    27. WowAnother slam dunk for Shayne silvers I never know where the story is going or how Nate is going to get out of trouble And enjoying every second of it I have girded my loins, so bring on the next insurmountable dilemma.

    28. We seem to have one hilarious book, and one heartbreaking book This was the later At times, still laugh out loud funny, but inbetween, some of the darker parts of the story, leave you devastated The unfolding of this story and the characters being brought into play, are a real pleasure to read.

    29. Great readThe Nate Temple series is very imaginative and full of interesting twists and turns I think the Beast Master is the best in the series so far and really saying something Shane is a master at manipulating and surprising us at every turn.

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