You Being Beautiful The Owner s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty Most people think that beauty revolves around such things as lipstick sweet eyes or skinny jeans all those things that we can see and obsess over in the mirror But the fact is that beauty isn t some

  • Title: You: Being Beautiful - The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty
  • Author: Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz
  • ISBN: 9781416572343
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Most people think that beauty revolves around such things as lipstick, sweet eyes, or skinny jeans all those things that we can see and obsess over in the mirror But the fact is that beauty isn t some superficial pursuit, and it s not some random act that you can thank or curse your ancestors for There are, in fact, scientific standards to beauty Beauty is purpoMost people think that beauty revolves around such things as lipstick, sweet eyes, or skinny jeans all those things that we can see and obsess over in the mirror But the fact is that beauty isn t some superficial pursuit, and it s not some random act that you can thank or curse your ancestors for There are, in fact, scientific standards to beauty Beauty is purposeful, because it s how humans have historically communicated who we are to potential mates Beauty, in fact, is really about your health and happiness In this groundbreaking book, Dr Michael F Roizen and Dr Mehmet C Oz bust the myths and stereotypes about the way we view ourselves and how we define beauty In these pages, you ll find out why beauty isn t as much about your vanity as it is about your humanity The doctors take a scientific, informative, and entertaining look at the three levels of beauty and explain how they all work together to form a complete and authentic YOU Those three levels of beauty are Looking Beautiful Your appearance influences your self esteem and has major health implications Here, the docs will tell you how you can look the way you want Feeling Beautiful So what if you have luscious lips or gorgeous locks if your joints creak and you have the energy of a rug The docs will tell you how to improve your energy levels, beat back your life altering aches and pains, and come to grips with some of life s toughest stresses Being Beautif

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    You: Being Beautiful - The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty

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      Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the You: Being Beautiful - The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty book, this is one of the most wanted Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz author readers around the world.

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    1. I felt that this book was just TOO MUCH It seemed like such a hodgepodge of tons and tons of information, that I m not even sure how much of it will stay with me My other problem is that very little of the information provided was actually new to me Let me break it down for you 1 too much sun in bad for your skin 2 drink lots of water 3 using a hairdryer curling iron straightner all the time will cause damage to your hair 4 you should be flossing 5 you need to eat regular meals so that you won t [...]

    2. I picked up the audio version of this book at the used book store, expecting to find information on how our inner health affects our outer appearance Instead, I got a superficial treatment of a variety of seemingly unrelated topics from fingernails to finances Although the authors tried to relate everything back to the subject of inner and outer beauty, it was often a stretch Some of the information was so basic, it s common sense like, how to brush your teeth and wash your hair Really And I rea [...]

    3. I had hoped that this would be an unconventional approach, but it was just typical propaganda aimed mainly at women, teaching that there are only a handful of molds that equal beautiful and that you should force yourself to fit into one of them Boo.The rest was hygiene information and advice that you have probably already heard floss, heat damages hair, etc Don t waste your time.

    4. Long before we had blood tests and MRI machines, the human mind could determine in a quarter second if a potential mate boss foe was really healthy The doctors take a scientific, informative, and entertaining look at the three levels of beauty looking beautiful, feeling beautiful, and being beautiful and explain how they all work together to form a complete and authentic YOU From hair to toenails, they go through every part of your body to explain how different foods, vitamins, creams, gels, and [...]

    5. This is such a great book for teens and young people and may answer some questions for adults There are a lot of simple tips, health science and common knowledge information about basic self care, as well as a indepth and scientific look at why the authors are suggesting the tips The authors playfully cover topics such as self esteem, showering tips for healthy skin hair, healthy psyche, grooming, weight and exercise how to work with your body type, how to get the best results when brushing you [...]

    6. I find the You books so interesting You Being Beautiful was a lot different than I expected It discusses skin, hair, nails, mouth, back pain, etc Each chapter was so interesting The last part of the book states that you need to feel beautiful on the inside to be beautiful on the outside.Basically it is about how to be spiritually and physically healthy so you can be your most beautiful There is a whole section at the end that talks about what happens in your brain when you pray or meditate It is [...]

    7. I would actually prefer to read this instead of listen to it I am of a visual person So, all the facts they list would be better taken in if I saw them instead of listened to them I didn t mind Dr Oz s voice but I did not care for the other person s too much As a book I would give it three stars rather than the 2 stars for the audio book.

    8. Giant waste of time Have a problem Eat avocados and walnuts Have some other problem Eat avocados and walnuts Skin issue They like about six different organic all natural brands No Specific Products Listed I ve tried nearly every brand they listed with very little success I wish I knew which exact thing they bought and liked.And then, unexpectedly, there s some mind blowing helpful tip It happens every 20 pages or so Lymphatic massage you can do in the shower Your skin s acidic barrier acid mantl [...]

    9. I read this book cause this book was connected to my learnings in school Even though it was not a voluntary reading the way it discussed the definition of beauty was interesting.

    10. There is some hotly disputed evidence suggesting genetic influence in the amount or degree in the spirituality a person can have That people are spiritual than others actually have a gene that s linked to a specific spirituality receptor in the brain which would mean that people have various dispositions for feeling spiritual just the same way they have various predispositions for heart disease Roizen, OzYou Being BeautifulBeing is as integral to consciousness as understanding the dynamic of th [...]

    11. Skin Solid soaps are good because they can be made with a min of ingredients e.g saponified olive oil w essential oil like lavender, peppermint Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap and Plantlife Aromatherapy Soaps For liquid soaps, good ones are Neutrogena and Cetaphil,See the Dawn Purity facial cleanser,Garden of Eve Facial Cleansing Nectar Feed skin with nutrients at night when no UV light, and protect it from UV and toxins during the day Look for products that list an active ingredient a concentr [...]

    12. Okay, I haven t reviewed any books for awhile I also paid a bunch of late fees to finish up this book and others , because the impatient librarians wouldn t renew them a third time for me I ve been reading way slow this last month or two, and I blame it on LOST That dang TV show What was up with the series ending and leaving 500 big questions unanswered Dale was out of a town a few times, and instead of staying up reading, I discovered that abc had every single episode of LOST available for down [...]

    13. Has a lot of valuable information about feeling beautiful about who you are The majority of the tips are quite general, but they use science and medicine to back up the points Either you ll find this very helpful as I did or you just find that it is information overload honestly, I felt this way in spots of the book Overall, if you enjoyed the information provide and would recommend that you pick up the book, especially if you enjoy listening to Dr Oz on the numerous tv shows he s been featured [...]

    14. This is the first book I have read in this series, and I thought it contained a great deal of interesting and useful information As a high school teacher, while reading, I thought of how appropriate it would be for high school students, simply because of all the cartoons, illustrations, captions and margin notes They should really consider creating student health textbooks if they haven t already.I read this book over a time span of a few months and found myself making notations in my own notebo [...]

    15. For Part 1, I d say don t waste your time These authors seemed to have capitalized on their fame to sell a worthless book with advice like brush your teeth Maybe you want to use a sonic toothbrush I think they just went head to toe and dictated stream of consciousness and if he didn t have enough pages, he read from the encyclopedia the jaw bone is used for crushing I don t ordinarily read self help books and this part was very disappointing I expected on things like spend time meditating to ch [...]

    16. I appreciate the humor bc it keeps the book from being a mind numbing read but I don t necessarily find it funny However, I do like it enough to want to hold onto it So farere have only been a few things I didn t know and learned from the book itself But that could also be because I have always tried to keep up on things regarding health and personal care I do recommend this for anyone who s beginning to start a beauty or personal care regimen as I could have saved a lot of money had I started r [...]

    17. You may wonder why I put this book on my shelf after eight years Well, after 18 months of outrageous comments and focus on female beauty and body image, I thought it was time to resurrect a book about inner and outer beauty The authors Michael F Rozien, M.D and Mehmet C Oz, M.D dedicated this read to To all who radiate outer beauty because they treasure inner beauty These to doctors prescribe measures for a healthier life which in turns makes for a happier you If you are a healthy individual you [...]

    18. A dense, hodge podge of information on 3 aspects of beauty looking, feeling, and being There is entirely too much information for this to be a casual read which makes this of a long winded reference book Much ado is made about the artist graphics and while they are well done they aren t very amusing or informative The third aspect of beauty is given too little space which is a shame because it was the most readable and interesting section Bottom line this should have been a reference book linki [...]

    19. This was the first time I had read one of the books in the You series It reads like a magazine, and is a composition of facts, than anything indepth I found it interesting, particularly the chapter on which vitamins are actually necessary useful The authors also discuss which chemicals in products like face cream, etc, are actually beneficial to your skin, versus which just sound important but do nothing Overall it was worth reading, but if you re looking for indepth analysis on a medical probl [...]

    20. These book shaped books fit right into the book shaped holes in my brain I m not usually drawn to illustrated books, but the cartoons in the You books make good sense to me, and are complicated and funny enough that I end up remembering them As silly as it may seem, this purple covered beauty book was what made it easy for me to quit smoking The chainlink fence of skin cells and collagen being snipped with a smoking imp s wirecutter did the job Worth every penny of late fees And in time for Than [...]

    21. I picked this up in a moment of desperation for the simple fact it covered stress relief I was not disappointed but it had too many other things I am not interested in.If I could just get the parts I would use, I would buy it and re read it Since I can t, I will just have to check it out again next year.Recommendation For those looking for no nonsense advice about finding inner strength and beauty.

    22. While this book may look daunting, it s actually a very informative and somewhat easy read It covers all facets of being beautiful from eating right to loving right.The authors put really technical terms into easy to understand passages that make it very easy to understand medical speak There are also Tool Boxes at the end of every chapter with challenges for you to try.Overall, it s a good book both for casual reading and referencing in the future.

    23. This book definitely had some helpful tips however, I felt it had a lot of doom information that could help the reader imbibe negative thoughts about health than the positive I expected a book filled with mainly with positive things about what I could do to feel and look beautiful but was presented mainly with about 70% of things that could go wrong with the human body and 30% of things for being beautiful I expected it to be the other way round.

    24. I actually really like Dr Oz, not because of Oprah by no means but he explains medicine well in an understandable way to the public, but for me this book was not amazing was kind of too well beautiful for me It just made me rethink if my eyes were really in the right place and really who cares about that I would stick to just You The Owner s Manual although I am drinking water today and did brush my teeth for two full minutes last night so I suppose it helped

    25. The You books are all similar They offer funny, practical advice from the medical world on how to accomplish the things we all want, like staying young and being beautiful.Here, the authors cover all the basics on how to take care of your body, mind and soul The answers are mostly the same as in the other books take vitamins and fish oil supplements practice yoga and meditation prayer give to others and of course, practice the proper care of the hair, nails, skin, and hair.

    26. Like health science or the average reader, the book is a useful guide to how your body works, what s good for it and what you can do to be healthier I think it s easily accessible, informative, and has a sense of humor I know people who have been helped by other Roizen and Oz books the rest of the YOU series and I can see why this series is popular other than the Oprah blessing.

    27. I didn t like the illustrations at all They were hard to read and made a relatively simple concept very complex I learned a few new things, but most of it is just common sense I also felt there was way too much promoting of Realage in the book I didn t noticed the giant REALAge logo on the back when I checked it out, I guess.

    28. I gave this book three stars because, well I do like Dr Oz, but most of the information in this book reminds me of something I have read in a beauty magazine at one time or another I bought the book for two bucks at a garage sale If I would have paid for it I would have been a bit disappointed.

    29. This one is generic than the Waist Management book, so there are some obvious things in it, but there were quite a few daily hints or tips that I ve incorporated into my daily life pretty easily Tips about hair, nails, and skin especially are easy to incorporate into daily life These guys are awesome.

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