Fatal Throne Fatal Throne a book about Henry VIII and his six wives coordinated by Candace Fleming Fleming and six other authors will each contribute a story from different points of view M T Anderson Jennifer

  • Title: Fatal Throne
  • Author: Candace Fleming M.T. Anderson Jennifer Donnelly Stephanie Hemphill Deborah Hopkinson Linda Sue Park Lisa Ann Sandell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Fatal Throne, a book about Henry VIII and his six wives, coordinated by Candace Fleming Fleming and six other authors will each contribute a story from different points of view M.T Anderson, Jennifer Donnelly, Stephanie Hemphill, Deborah Hopkinson, Linda Sue Park, and Lisa Ann Sandell.

    • [PDF] Fatal Throne | by ï Candace Fleming M.T. Anderson Jennifer Donnelly Stephanie Hemphill Deborah Hopkinson Linda Sue Park Lisa Ann Sandell
      227 Candace Fleming M.T. Anderson Jennifer Donnelly Stephanie Hemphill Deborah Hopkinson Linda Sue Park Lisa Ann Sandell
    Fatal Throne

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    1. Candace Fleming M.T. Anderson Jennifer Donnelly Stephanie Hemphill Deborah Hopkinson Linda Sue Park Lisa Ann Sandell

      I have always been a storyteller Even before I could write my name, I could tell a good tale And I told them all the time As a preschooler, I told my neighbors all about my three legged cat named Spot In kindergarten, I told my classmates about the ghost that lived in my attic And in first grade I told my teacher, Miss Harbart, all about my family s trip to Paris, France.I told such a good story that people always thought I was telling the truth But I wasn t I didn t have a three legged cat or a ghost in my attic, and I d certainly never been to Paris, France I simply enjoyed telling a good story and seeing my listener s reaction.Sure, some people might have said I was a seven year old fibber But not my parents Instead of calling my stories fibs they called them imaginative They encouraged me to put my stories down on paper I did And amazingly, once I began writing, I couldn t stop I filled notebook after notebook with stories, poems, plays I still have many of those notebooks They re precious to me because they are a record of my writing life from elementary school on.In second grade, I discovered a passion for language I can still remember the day my teacher, Miss Johnson, held up a horn shaped basket filled with papier mache pumpkins and asked the class to repeat the word cornucopia I said it again and again, tasted the word on my lips I tested it on my ears That afternoon, I skipped all the way home from school chanting, Cornucopia Cornucopia From then on, I really began listening to words to the sounds they made, and the way they were used, and how they made me feel I longed to put them together in ways that were beautiful, and yet told a story.As I grew, I continued to write stories But I never really thought of becoming an author Instead, I went to college where I discovered yet another passion history I didn t realize it then, but studying history is really just an extension of my love of stories After all, some of the best stories are true ones tales of heroism and villainy made incredible by the fact they really happened.After graduation, I got married and had children I read to them a lot, and that s when I discovered the joy and music of children s books I simply couldn t get enough of them With my two sons in tow, I made endless trips to the library I read stacks of books I found myself begging, Just one , pleeeeease while my boys begged for lights out and sleep Then it struck me Why not write children s books It seemed the perfect way to combine all the things I loved stories, musical language, history, and reading I couldn t wait to get started.But writing children s books is harder than it looks For three years I wrote story after story I sent them to publisher after publisher And I received rejection letter after rejection letter Still, I didn t give up I kept trying until finally one of my stories was pulled from the slush pile and turned into a book My career as a children s author had begun.

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    1. Fatal Throne is perfect for those just beginning to read about Henry VIII and his six wives Each queen details and summarizes important periods in their life and individual downfalls The accounts are simplistic and easy to read After telling their stories, Henry has to get the last word and plays the victim in some form each time.For those who are already well read on the Tudors, this book offers nothing new What I did like, however, is that unlike some of the run of the mill Tudor books we get [...]

    2. Every time I get a chance to read about the infamous king or, even better, his in famous wives, I jump at the chance I like how the authors wrote not only from Henry s perspective but from the viewpoint of each wife as well Of course, there is no certain way to know EXACTLY what was going through each one s mind, but I surely enjoyed the ride This book is one that I found myself glued to and did not want to put down It flowed very well and I discovered that I was quickly turning the page to find [...]

    3. This was fun I didn t love it as much as I hoped I would, but I really enjoyed the concept individual narratives from each of Henry VIII s many wives that provided a glimpse into their relationship with him and sometimes with each other Henry gets to speak, too, and comments on each wife after her narrative has ended this was one of the things about the book that bugged me a little Henry often gets the last word I didn t enjoy all of the narratives equally some just worked better than others for [...]

    4. I m an avid reader of anything and everything Tudor related, but I think I ve been spoiled by reading too much Philippa Gregory In Gregory s portrayals of Henry s wives, they re lively and spirited in this depiction, I thought his wives sounded desperate and pathetic even Anne Boleyn my favorite I also didn t enjoy Henry s parts at all We all know his side history recorded it I wish the authors had fleshed out the women as opposed to adding Henry s perspective at the end of each part Surprising [...]

    5. Fantastic collection of stories written from the perspective of each of King Henry VIII s six wives, along with rebuttal from Henry written by M.T Anderson to each of them Also includes a timeline and cast of characters Perfect reading level and amount of content for teen readers.Pop Sugar s 2018 Reading Challenge A novel based on a real person

    6. I won an advance reader copy of this book through a giveaway This book was amazing I have to admit that my knowledge of the Tudor line is a bitaky, but what I know to be historical fact lines up for the most part with the stories told in this book Obviously, the authors have taken liberties, there is no way to tell what the Queens or Henry were actually thinking much of the time, but the stories resonate and give you what seems to be a deeper understanding of the lives of both Henry s Queens and [...]

    7. This unbiased review is in exchange for an ARC from NetGalley Fatal Throne is a multi author narrative of the wives of Henry VIII as well as Henry himself Here s what is good about it It is exactly the book teenage me would ve gobbled up a solidly written YA historical novel It is well founded in fact within reasonable allowance for being a novel and my heart rejoices at the bibliography at the end What s not so good Honestly, I may be dinging the book for something that isn t its fault it doesn [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this story or stories about the wives of Henry the VIII The author captured the womanizing ways of King Henry, and the political power he used to get his way This story is told in several short stories one for each wife At the end of each, is a chapter told from Henry s point of view that offers a side of the story that you don t get from reading about the wives I never realized how much the ladies stories would intertwine The history captured in this book is accurate and beli [...]

    9. Read the ARC I received at ALAMW Cool concept the royal lives of Henry VIII s queens told in their own voices, with each queen and the king portrayed through a different author s lens Historical fiction is one of my go to genres and this book did not disappoint, I could scarcely put it down That said, as this is classified as a young adult novel, I think the back matter would have been better served at the front It s no secret what happened to Henry s wives, and as many students will not have th [...]

    10. I received this as an ARC from Netgalley.First line This book is about the six queens of Henry VIII.Summary Told from the perspective of Henry s wives this book covers the important parts of each of their lives and marriages However, Henry always gets the last word At the end of each narrative, his views of women he loved are brought forth.Highlights I really enjoyed reading the narratives of Anna of Cleves and Catherine Howard These wives are lesser known in fiction so they were interesting The [...]

    11. I wish history classes were all taught through biographical fiction like this I wouldn t have had to rely on a bland mnemonic to remember the order of Henry s wives Speaking for the six women through the writing of six different authors was a brilliant approach It ensured that each woman was given her due, turning even the seemingly brief and uneventful marriage of Anna of Cleves into a retrospective ghost story, or Catherine Howard s frivolous affairs into a charming portrait of a naive young g [...]

    12. Fatal Throne is a fascinating piece of historical fiction that comes alive through the perspective of Henry VIII s wives I have read many books about the life of Henry VIII but nothing like this It was interesting to read about his demeanor through the eyes of the women he married, divorced, or beheaded However, Henry s perspective was also told following each wife s story I think this part took away from the wives narratives, but I can understand why it was included Overall, a great read and hi [...]

    13. Thank you to , the publishing company, and the authors for the opportunity to read the novel, Fatal Throne, The Wives of Henry VIII Tell All It was interesting to have the thoughts of each of Henry VIII s wives, plus, thoughts from him on each of them What an interesting time to of lived These women may of not had a choice on being married to him but they were intelligent women Truthfully, I am so glad I didn t live at this time It was a great read.

    14. A handpicked crew of YA authors offer first person narratives from the six wives of Henry VIII, tied together by a version from Henry himself This is notable for using the most recent 20 years of research on Anne of Cleves and Katherine Parr, so they re not the Flanders Mare and Matronly Nurse of standard histories.

    15. Well researched and well written a good introduction for readers unfamiliar with the history surrounding Henry VIII For those familiar, it is a retread of known ground.

    16. 3.5 StarsNot for the Tudor history buff, but an excellent introduction to this tumultuous chapter in English history for a teen reader.

    17. Interesting take on well trod territory A different author writes the POV of each of Henry VIII s wives as they face death s door MT Anderson writes Henry s codas The stories are, naturally, uneven I wasn t a big fan of Katharine of Aragon Candace Fleming or Kateryn Parr Deborah Hopkinson , but I really enjoyed Anne Boleyn Stephanie Hemphill and Henry s pieces.

    18. DNF at 40% If you re looking for a good book about the Tudors, this is not it Check out Katherine Longshore for YA or Elizabeth Wein for Adult Leave this book for the scaffold.

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