Tales of the Dervishes Teaching Stories of the Sufi Masters Over the Past Thousand Years Dervish tales are than fable legend or folklore For centuries dervish masters have instructed their disciples by means of these teaching stories which are said to increase perception and knowledge

  • Title: Tales of the Dervishes: Teaching Stories of the Sufi Masters Over the Past Thousand Years
  • Author: Idries Shah
  • ISBN: 9780140193589
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dervish tales are than fable, legend, or folklore For centuries dervish masters have instructed their disciples by means of these teaching stories, which are said to increase perception and knowledge and provide a better understanding of man and the world In wit, construction, and piquancy, they compare with the finest tales of any culture Idries Shah spent many yeDervish tales are than fable, legend, or folklore For centuries dervish masters have instructed their disciples by means of these teaching stories, which are said to increase perception and knowledge and provide a better understanding of man and the world In wit, construction, and piquancy, they compare with the finest tales of any culture Idries Shah spent many years traveling through three continents to collect and compare oral versions of these remarkable stories This anthology, presented in the dervish manner, contains stories drawn from the repertories of dervish masters over a period of than a thousand years.

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    Tales of the Dervishes: Teaching Stories of the Sufi Masters Over the Past Thousand Years

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    1. Idries Shah

      Idries Shah Persian , also known as Idris Shah, n Sayed Idries el Hashimi Arabic , was an author and teacher in the Sufi tradition who wrote over three dozen critically acclaimed books on topics ranging from psychology and spirituality to travelogues and culture studies.Born in India, the descendant of a family of Afghan nobles, Shah grew up mainly in England His early writings centred on magic and witchcraft In 1960 he established a publishing house, Octagon Press, producing translations of Sufi classics as well as titles of his own His most seminal work was The Sufis, which appeared in 1964 and was well received internationally In 1965, Shah founded the Institute for Cultural Research, a London based educational charity devoted to the study of human behaviour and culture A similar organisation, the Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge ISHK , exists in the United States, under the directorship of Stanford University psychology professor Robert Ornstein, whom Shah appointed as his deputy in the U.S.In his writings, Shah presented Sufism as a universal form of wisdom that predated Islam Emphasising that Sufism was not static but always adapted itself to the current time, place and people, he framed his teaching in Western psychological terms Shah made extensive use of traditional teaching stories and parables, texts that contained multiple layers of meaning designed to trigger insight and self reflection in the reader He is perhaps best known for his collections of humorous Mulla Nasrudin stories.Shah was at times criticised by orientalists who questioned his credentials and background His role in the controversy surrounding a new translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, published by his friend Robert Graves and his older brother Omar Ali Shah, came in for particular scrutiny However, he also had many notable defenders, chief among them the novelist Doris Lessing Shah came to be recognised as a spokesman for Sufism in the West and lectured as a visiting professor at a number of Western universities His works have played a significant part in presenting Sufism as a secular, individualistic form of spiritual wisdom.Idries Shah s books on Sufism achieved considerable critical acclaim He was the subject of a BBC documentary One Pair of Eyes in 1969, and two of his works The Way of the Sufi and Reflections were chosen as Outstanding Book of the Year by the BBC s The Critics programme Among other honours, Shah won six first prizes at the UNESCO World Book Year in 1973, and the Islamic scholar James Kritzeck, commenting on Shah s Tales of the Dervishes, said that it was beautifully translated.The reception of Shah s movement was also marked by much controversy Some orientalists were hostile, in part because Shah presented classical Sufi writings as tools for self development to be used by contemporary people, rather than as objects of historical study L P Elwell Sutton from Edinburgh University, Shah s fiercest critic, described his books as trivial , replete with errors of fact, slovenly and inaccurate translations and even misspellings of Oriental names and words a muddle of platitudes, irrelevancies and plain mumbo jumbo , adding for good measure that Shah had a remarkable opinion of his own importance Expressing amusement and amazement at the sycophantic manner of Shah s interlocutors in a BBC radio interview, Elwell Sutton concluded that some Western intellectuals were so desperate to find answers to the questions that baffle them, that, confronted with wisdom from the mysterious East, they abandon their critical faculties and submit to brainwashing of the crudest kind To Elwell Sutton, Shah s Sufism belonged to the realm of Pseudo Sufism , centred not on God but on man Doris Lessing, one of Shah s greatest defenders,stated in a 1981 interview I found Sufism as taught by Idries Shah, which claim

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    1. slubu harika, menk beler su gibi ak yor sizi orta a n mistik retilerinde, dergahlar nda, tap naklar nda, llerinde b y k bir merakla gizemle gezdiriyorerin, b y k bir ara t rman n oldu u anla l yor anadolumuzun erenleri, menk beleri de s k s k kar m za k yor kitapta ayr ca yazar n bilgi birikimine de hayran oldum.

    2. A beautiful collection of Teaching Stories of the Sufi Masters over the Past Thousand Years This book is a gift, for its wonderfully told tales, for its wit and wisdom It seems almost superfluous to try to comment on the book the best thing is to get a copy and immerse yourself in this splendid and startling world Great stories include The Tale of the Sands, The Candlestick of Iron, Fatima the Spinner and the Tent which is also available in an illustrated edition from Hoopoe Books hoopoekids cat [...]

    3. An amazing collection of Sufi teaching stories including folktales, fables, and true accounts spanning over a thousand years Immensely entertaining, they also have the effect of activating the mind to think in new directions and hold a broader, potentially liberating range of concepts Sufism is an action philosophy designed to outwit the commanding self which prevents most of us from having a breakthrough into higher consciousness This is a fascinating read for anyone.

    4. Bagus sekali, awalnya buku ini adalah ragam manuskrip timur tengah yg di terjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia menjadi kumpulan cerpen klasik para sufi yg sangat menginspirasi kehidupan manusia dan menghibur, walau pengetahuan saya terbatas dan kurang memahami beberapa cerpen didalamnya.

    5. This book belonged to my late father in law So I kept it as keepsakes It was an old old book, he probably had it for many decades, I m sure I had an emotional connection with the book and its contents because I absolutely LOVED it Every story in its simplicity and wisdom brought smile to my face It was a pleasure reading this book.

    6. idries shah collected tales , teaching stories of the Sufi master over the past thousand years He selected from the Sufi classics, from oral tradition , from unpunished manuscripts and school of sufi teaching in many countries.Book tales of the dervishes contain many beautiful story, spiritual tales I recommend you to read it.

    7. A collection of stories, fables or fairytales, depending how you view them, that the dervishes use to guide the Sufis to the correct way to live your life for the benefit of humanity not just yourself.I like the historic details added after each story.

    8. This is the latest volume in the reissue of Idries Shah s books, and like the previous ones, a pleasure to handle and a delight to read, such care has gone into its production But the main value is we can again reread these extraordinary tales Or, if you haven t yet encountered them, a great adventure potentially awaits you.There are many, many stories here, some only a page long, others four or five pages The writing is a master class in lucidity and compression I cannot summarise them Just do [...]

    9. Sufism is the mystical side of Islam Often times great truths are funneled into u through simple sounding fairy tales collected all over the Islamic world Some of these tales are populated with strange animals and Jinn These tales re not meant to be taken literally, but rather taken as symbolically Hearing the tales, if one is trained properly enables one to evolve There are many Sufi orders in the Middle East, thy each have levels and various initiations which is appropriate for mystical orders [...]

    10. I love tales About 25 years ago I agreed to lead the First 15 Minutes time of children s 3 10 year olds Sunday School at my church, and decided to tell stories and sing songs I did this, nearly weekly, for about 10 years In addition to Bible stories I also used other stories I made a point of reading stories from non Western traditions, and occasionally I could use them But very commonly I found them weird or just not useful for what I wanted to accomplish Perhaps that just shows the limitations [...]

    11. This short collection gathers parables from a variety of Sufi teachers and traditions Idries Shah retells them in modern English, and humor and pragmatic wisdom shines through His notes frequently claim that a tale has multiple layers of meaning Some were entirely lost on me in other cases, I could see one or two layers, but missed any others Collectively, many of the tales build towards a certain ethical fatalism we ought to do what we can to help other human beings and make their lives better, [...]

    12. This is one of the most interesting books I ve ever read, on multiple levels For the tales it contains some of which have been in use for hundreds of years are than just entertaining stories According to the Sufis who devised them dervish Sufi in this context , they re intricately designed instruments that, when properly used, can prod the mind in new directions, increasing the reader s or hearer s perceptions and ability to understand Such tales are known as teaching stories a genre that dates [...]

    13. I first encountered this book in 1970 in what officially was an English Composition class but was really a class in, for me, radically different ways of thinking Among the texts was this book, my first introduction to Eastern religion, a collection of Sufi teaching stories The stories are a form of parable, but intended to be understood differently according to the ability of the listener reader Some of them I still vividly recall and have used in conversations with friends and therapy clients I [...]

    14. This is my first experience of Sufi dervish wisdom tales I dig the originality and orientalist flavor as well as it seeming kind of secular or non religious, but this might just be Idries Shah s spin on it to make it appealing to Westerners or non muslims The literary quality of the writing is high and diversity of tales is excellent You feel anticipation with each story as you realize it s going to be a brand new story experience with a previously undiscovered theme I have dipped into three of [...]

    15. These Sufi teaching tales set me on the path of Love, for which I will be forever grateful to Idries Shah They are beautiful, subtle, and provocative, teaching the mind to think beyond its limited reason, and to unlearn what has been taught by rote so as to prepare the blank slate for a new understanding.

    16. I tried reading one of these short stories before bed every night and finally finished it Most of them have stuck with me and popped up occasionally in my mind ooh kind of like the way you hear a koan and then don t really get it till much later.

    17. Tales of wit, wisdom and whimsy parables possible and impossible the Tales of the Dervishes This anthology presented in the Dervish manner, contains veritable pearls, drawn from the repertoires of Dervish masters over a period of than a thousand years.

    18. Interesting stories that made me feel as if I was really in the past I d have liked a bit elaboration on them when applicable though.

    19. Enjoyable collection of parables from the Muslim world that straddles the line between Aesop s Fables and 1001 Nights.

    20. This is a fine collection of wise and not so wise fable and parables Some are quite prescient while others have dated But the collection as a whole is well worth the read.

    21. This really is worth reading Imaginative, puzzling, entertaining The stories you always wanted to find and read, but never did All in one place.

    22. amazing I remember reading them while traveling for the first time to Asia Will need to buy it one day and re read it.

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