Ghosts of Mateguas A Mateguas Island Novel The body of a young girl found floating in the icy waters of Scarborough MarshSix men over a span of thirty five years disappear without a traceA harbinger of evil so ancient it defies memory sur

  • Title: Ghosts of Mateguas: A Mateguas Island Novel
  • Author: LindaWatkins
  • ISBN: 9781944815011
  • Page: 435
  • Format: ebook
  • The body of a young girl, found floating in the icy waters of Scarborough MarshSix men, over a span of thirty five years, disappear without a traceA harbinger of evil, so ancient it defies memory, surfaces on the rocky shores of MateguasJourney, with Karen and her family, back to the mythos, passion, and magic, and join her as she seeks to finally lay to rest theThe body of a young girl, found floating in the icy waters of Scarborough MarshSix men, over a span of thirty five years, disappear without a traceA harbinger of evil, so ancient it defies memory, surfaces on the rocky shores of MateguasJourney, with Karen and her family, back to the mythos, passion, and magic, and join her as she seeks to finally lay to rest the GHOSTS OF MATEGUASOSTS OF MATEGUAS is the third full length novel in highly acclaimed, award winning, MATEGUAS ISLAND SERIES Ghosts of Mateguas A Mateguas Island Novel, is dark, fast paced and intense It s most highly recommended Jack Magnus for READERS FAVORITE Those who love stories with some touch of mystery will not be disappointed with this one The story, for sure, will grip readers at different levels First off, Watkins writes with moving simplicity, a kind of prose that tantalizes and is difficult to put down, because it rings with an eloquence that is akin to the spell of the ghosts sauntering along the rocky shores of Mateguas It can be difficult to believe a story told about humans and ghosts, but when that story is told by Watkins, it becomes as convincing as it is real.The setting is perfect for a tale that involves the herald of evil the rocky shores, the eternity of the sea, the marshes The story is fast paced the suspense is so skillfully built into the story to have the reader turning the pages, and the characters are solid enough that a

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    Ghosts of Mateguas: A Mateguas Island Novel

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      Linda Watkins currently resides in Sedona, Arizona and, in another life, was a Senior Clinical Financial Analyst at Stanford University School of Medicine Born on the east coast, she grew up in a suburb of Detroit Upon graduation from college Carnegie Mellon, 70 , she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she lived and worked for most of her adult life In 2006, she packed up her belongings and, along with her 3 rescue dogs, took the plunge and moved to a remote island off the coast of Maine.It was on this island that she wrote her first novel, MATEGUAS ISLAND and, since publication, the novel has garnered the following awards 2014 Gold Medal, Supernatural Fiction, READERS FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD COMPETITION 2014 First Place Award, Contemporary Gothic, CHANTICLEER BOOK REVIEW, PARANORMAL AWARDS 2015 Outstanding Novel in Horror Suspense, IAN BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDSRETURN TO MATEGUAS ISLAND, the sequel, was awarded the 1st Place Award in Contempory Gothic in the 2015 CHANTICLEER BOOK REVIEW PARANORMAL AWARDS and was named 2016 Finalist in Horror by READERS FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD COMPETITION.Today, Linda lives with her two aging rescue dogs Splatter and Spudley and is at work on a new stand alone novel, SUMMER GIRL, as well as the fourth novel in THE MATEGUAS ISLAND SERIES.Serious about dog welfare and rescue, all net proceeds from sales of THE MATEGUAS ISLAND SERIES are donated to Linda s charitable trust, The Raison d Etre Fund for Dogs, Dedicated to Rescue and Research.Linda is a member of the Horror Writers Association, The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, and The International Association of Crime Writers.To take a look at her other works, please visit her personal website, lindawatkinsz For information about MATEGUAS ISLAND, please visit mateguasisland.

    440 thoughts on “Ghosts of Mateguas: A Mateguas Island Novel”

    1. Ghosts of Mateguas joins others in the Mateguas Island saga in providing the third novel in a series that excels in blending supernatural forces with a family s relationships and the lure of an island which has changed all their lives.Here the story continues prior familiarity with the preceding books is recommended with the Puffin Man who is dating Susan , Karen Andersen who wonders about the true origins of her infant son and his connection to Mateguas Island , and a family that returns to the [...]

    2. I had no idea that this third book could somehow blow my mind the way the other two had I thought we d get this great sum up of everything that has happened and that d be it But this was some ride and I was surprised by the ending, although I had some suspicions about Karen ending up as she did, but I did not expect it to be as it was written What a twist in the story As soon as I read the last sentence I thought, Will there be a fourth one Please let there be a fourth one so that everything can [...]

    3. Brilliant as always The Mateguas Island series sucked me in from the beginning and kept me coming back for I felt the story wrapped up nicely, but I certainly wouldn t knock back another installment.

    4. Spellbindingly dark and suspenseful, Ghosts of Mateguas will captivate gothic fans and keep thriller addicts on the edge of their seats.An old and wizened Native American shaman reveals what the ancient ones knew Mateguas Island is steeped in spiritual power He speaks of the positive effects of the swirling vortexes that lie on and around the island, but also warns that The same healing energy, when disturbed by outside influences, can create vortexes that have the opposite effect He continues t [...]

    5. Best book everLoved this book Once you start reading you can not put down You felt like you were there Small island life and mystery too.The characters were very interesting Plot kept you wanting I hope there will be 4

    6. Couldn t put this down.Loved this novel, and look forward to the next book in the series Please don t end it here Can t wait to meet the new twins.

    7. Book three in this trilogy was the best Beware, though, author Linda Watkins is full of surprises I went insane when I read the epilogue It was like the author shredded the hundreds of pages I had just read and let them fall upon my head to scatter along with my brain cells High praise for Mateguas Island It deserves every accolade.

    8. I am a huge fan of the Mateguas Island series and found the Ghosts of Mateguas to be the best yet Mateguas Island is a beautiful place steeped in superstition, evil and supernatural power The Island holds deep, dark secrets and is so powerful, its former residents keep returning over and over in an attempt to unlock the mystery of the island Watkins has masterfully crafted a novel of suspense and intrigue It was good to catch up with Karen, Dex and Bill and learn of the birth of Alex The charact [...]

    9. I love this saga Linda Watkins has brought book three to us with a in depth look at the island I love the ancient history of Indians and Shamans, the legends and curses She weaved this story together beautifully, also bringing in the protagonists from previous books I am hoping that there will be another book Mateguas Island still has a huge pull for me.A well written and highly entertaining read 5 Stars from me.

    10. Very suspenseful Sometimes it was kind of messy,but still unable to put it down Would like it to continue with the rest of the family.

    11. This is a 5 Star review published by READERS FAVORITE on 02 11 2016 by Romuald Dzemo Ghosts of Mateguas is the third novel in the Mateguas Island series by Linda Watkins, a gripping story of a family in quest of redemption, a story of mortals and ghosts In Scarborough, people have been disappearing over the years, with no one knowing what happened to them or where they went When the corpse of a young girl is found on the waters, Karen knows it s time to trace the mysterious killer Will she and h [...]

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