The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze and Other Stories A timeless selection of brilliant short stories that won William Saroyan a position among the foremost most widely popular writers of America when it first appeared in With the greatest of ease

  • Title: The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze and Other Stories
  • Author: William Saroyan
  • ISBN: 9780811213653
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • A timeless selection of brilliant short stories that won William Saroyan a position among the foremost, most widely popular writers of America when it first appeared in 1934.With the greatest of ease William Saroyan flew across the literary skies in 1934 with the publication of The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze and Other Stories One of the first American writersA timeless selection of brilliant short stories that won William Saroyan a position among the foremost, most widely popular writers of America when it first appeared in 1934.With the greatest of ease William Saroyan flew across the literary skies in 1934 with the publication of The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze and Other Stories One of the first American writers to describe the immigrant experience in the U.S Saroyan created characters who were Armenians, Jews, Chinese, Poles, Africans, and the Irish The title story touchingly portrays the thoughts of a very young writer, dying of starvation All of the tales were written during the great depression and reflect, through pathos and humor, the mood of the nation in one of its greatest times of want.

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      494 William Saroyan
    The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze and Other Stories

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    1. William Saroyan

      William Saroyan was an American Armenian author The setting of many of his stories and plays was Fresno, California sometimes under a fictional name , the center of Armenian American life in California and where he grew up.Saroyan was born in Fresno, California to Armenian immigrants from Bitlis, Turkey At the age of three, after his father s death, Saroyan was placed in the orphanage in Oakland, California, together with his brother and sister, an experience he later described in his writing Five years later, the family reunited in Fresno, where his mother, Takoohi, secured work at a cannery He continued his education on his own, supporting himself by taking odd jobs, such as working as an office manager for the San Francisco Telegraph Company.Saroyan decided to become a writer after his mother showed him some of his father s writings A few of his early short articles were published in Overland Monthly His first stories appeared in the 1930s Among these was The Broken Wheel , written under the name Sirak Goryan and published in the Armenian journal Hairenik in 1933 Many of Saroyan s stories were based on his childhood experiences among the Armenian American fruit growers of the San Joaquin Valley, or dealt with the rootlessness of the immigrant The short story collection My Name is Aram 1940 , an international bestseller, was about a young boy and the colorful characters of his immigrant family It has been translated into many languages.For info see enpedia wiki William_

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    1. Si bien al libro El joven audaz sobre el trapecio volante magn fico t tulo le pongo cuatro estrellas, a William Saroyan como escritor le pondr a cinco estrellas como cinco soles, a pesar de que ste es el primer libro que leo de l aunque ya vendr n m s No s si sabr explicar el por qu No es s lo que William Saroyan sea uno de esos escritores que caen bien, a los que te hubiera encantado poder conocer en persona para poder charlar sobre libros y sobre la vida mientras de fondo sonaba jazz en un ant [...]

    2. O culegere de povestiri simpatice, care mprumut mult din tiparele unei comunit i mici, dar importante, din SUA, i anume armenii.Ace tia sunt oameni muncitori, mereu cinsti i, care ncearc s i construiasc o comunitate unit , departe de ara natal , la acea dat o mic ri oar n cuprinsul URSS.Povestirile lui Saroyan sunt impregnate de autenticitate i par, n multe locuri, autobiografice, t n rul armean fiind n centrul ac iunii sau m car un bun observator a tot ce se nt mpl prin statele Americii, cu un [...]

    3. Wait, I take back what I said about Nine Stories This is my favorite collection of short stories They aren t really stories in a traditional sense, however It seems like not many people read Saroyan any and I think they should His plays are also brilliant Wow, I really think you should read this book Writers especially What makes Saroyan stand out to me his unabashed sentimentality that combined with wit, humor, and prodigious talent I believe he wrote this when he was twenty three or something [...]

    4. Part of a self created syllabus I m studying the short story form, in particular the short short Reading The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze, said writer Robert Fox in Sudden Fiction American Short Short Stories , freed me I no longer needed character, plot, conflict, resolution, and phallic symbolism Saroyan s work made me less serious, as well I enjoyed myself in a new way, improvising on ideas I don t think Saroyan thought about form what I learned from him was tone Short shorts can be [...]

    5. I am out here in the far West, in San Francisco, in a small room on Carl Street, writing a letter to common people, telling them in simple language what they already know For a while I thought of Five Star books as the ones that must simply be perfect, but then you have to have room for writers like William Saroyan Loud, brash, sometimes messy, Saroyan s short stories are a true American treasure They read much like Joyce s Dubliners stories with a similar sense of lusty humanism and unforced ep [...]

    6. William Saroyan s first collection of short stories published during the Great Depression details immigrants in the U.S through a variety of characters Armenian, Jewish, Polish, Irish Many of the stories reflect the times, centering around characters concerned with money, starvation, integration, etc.Not knowing anything about the author I wonder how many of the experiences the characters share are Saroyan s own Several of his stories are told from the perspective of a writer, and many are told [...]

    7. Saroyan is known for his free style writing All of his works are very autobiographical Very raw,unpolished and ungroomed are his writings There is an intricate prose There is comedy I never expected comedy from some one who see s life so tragically These short stories are to be read alone and out loud I often felt that someone was talking to me.His tone is amazing Very innocent Saroyan has a command on the craft of writing that seems lost in today s works Short and a sweet read This book left me [...]

    8. Maybe the best book of fiction I ve ever read It bleeds with emotion and desire to strike a chord of compassion And all the while it s funny It s Salinger before Salinger Kerouac before Kerouac I mean it When you read this, chances are you will understand that those voices you read in Salinger and Kerouac didn t just materialize out of thin air, they came from this genius with a type writer.It s a book of short stories, but they all feel like the same 1st person character narrating similar event [...]

    9. I already like William Saroyan before I read The Daring Young Man and now I m even impressed These stories are funny, sad, odd, and refreshingly singular Saroyan keeps reminding us that he is there, the author himself, pounding out a string of words on his manual typewriter before he has to hawk it again or his fingers freeze And we still manage to laugh with him.

    10. Saroyan reminds me of some great writers like John Fante, or J.D Salinger, maybe because of his view of the world His thoughts on love, peace, war, humanity, politics, are a celebration of the human spirit He has humor, sadness, compassion, and he s sassy too.

    11. I find the stories simultaneously too tidy e.g true or too depressing, but I admire the breakfast length story formats Extra star for the 5 star title story, but then, I didn t read them all

    12. i ve just started reading this, and lord is it refreshing i d forgotten how much i love Saroyan i m excited to fly through this

    13. Despu s de leer La comedia humana , que me dej tan buen sabor de boca, quer a m s Saroyan Pero no me he encontrado lo que esperaba El primer libro de Saroyan que le fue Me llamo Aram , y, aunque no llega al nivel de La comedia, s deja entrever en alguno de los cuentos que contiene ese germen que le hace especial En El joven audaz sobre el trapecio volante , gran t tulo por otra parte, hay que buscar bastante para encontrar esa magia Encuentro que es un libro bien escrito, pero irregular No hay q [...]

    14. Hopper con fiori e giardiniMolti di questi racconti sono stati pubblicati da Saroyan nel 1934, quindi in piena Grande Depressione Narrano piccole, in genere intime storie di personaggi marginali, ragazzi indecisi sulla vita, scrittori che non pubblicheranno mai, immigrati che galleggiano nella grande citt.Emerge dai racconti l a dell immigrato armeno nei confronti dell America che lo ha accolto, e quasi mai, se non indirettamente, i personaggi di Saroyan si scontrano con le contraddizioni, pur f [...]

    15. Troppo sentimentale e bozzettistico per i miei gusti San Francisco tra le due guerre, vitaccia squattrinata di scrittore, bordelli e corse dei cavalli, musica jazz, tutti temi che mi lasciano fredda E maestro di John Fante, che francamente detesto Promosso a pieni voti solo per il tocco leggiadro che gli permette a volte di fermare l attimo bello.Un affermazione eterodossa da vero uomo di fede Quando l individuo si perde, per aggregarsi alla massa, Dio soffre fisicamente Una grande verit sulla m [...]

    16. Es un buen libro Lo dice el autor, sus cuentos hablan de la historia del hombre sobre la tierra, Saroyan amaba la vida y la muerte, la humildad Eso es algo que encontrar s en este libro, cuentos que hablan de las cosas simples de la vida, nostalgia Relatos de un gran valor sentimental a veces c lido y otras triste Mientras leemos podemos darnos cuenta de la influencia de la 1ra Y 2da guerra mundial en Saroyan y c mo stas dejaron un c mulo de emociones en el coraz n del ser humano que no se podr [...]

    17. William Saroyan, con una ligereza y descaro, traspas como si nada en este libro lo establecido en la historia escritura, considerando la historia ficticia como si fuera una situaci n real Un elemento en relato mismo Algo sencillo pero que impresiona Esta es la mayor virtud que encontr en este libro de relatos y por la que Saroyan fue considerado como una revelaci n del cuento Pero al leerlo, no me parec a estar ante una promesa sino ante un Maestro del Relato rebasa y no solo domina el g nero si [...]

    18. He was amazed at himself suddenly it had occurred to him to let the snake flee, to let it glide away and be lost in the lowly worlds of its kind Why should he allow it to escape He lifted a heavy boulder from the ground and thought Now I shall bash your head and see you die To destroy that evil grace, to mangle that sinful loveliness.But it was very strange He could not let the rock fall on the snake s head, and began suddenly to feel sorry for it I am sorry, he said, dropping the boulder I beg [...]

    19. Like the other books by Saroyan that I ve read My Name is Aram and Fresno Stories I really don t know what I m supposed to be getting Maybe I had to live in the time period Some of the stories were interesting such as the book s namesake but others I really didn t get A lot of it is stream of consciousness and it seems a little reminiscent of Schopenhauer The funny thing is that Schopenhauer is mentioned in this book Maybe not a coincidence Anyway, if anybody could comment on this review to give [...]

    20. Wow, Saroyan is a must read This book has an eclectic mix of short stories with no apparent overarching theme Not all of them are good, some of them aren t even really coherent But then there are the stories that make you pay attention His stories talk deeply about the plight of people in America around the time of the Depression His stories are heartbreaking, zany and insightful, sometimes all within a few sentences.

    21. In this collection of short stories his first , Saroyan s voice is exuberant, exploratory, and brash Published in 1934, many of the stories provide stark, haunting impressions of life during the Great Depression Overall, the writing is fresh and the perspectives are thoughtful I ll be looking for of his work.

    22. I read the preface, The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 , Love, Death, Sacrifice, and So Forth, and Seventy Thousand Assyrians I want to read because I found him a very different author He explains some of his ideas about writing in the preface, which helped me understand and put in context the stories I read.

    23. I loved this book a dear friend gave it to me and I think I read the whole thing in about a day Its language like butter, or something This was my introduction to Saroyan and I ve now started reading through as many as I can get my hands on.I used a section of one of the stories as the reading at a friend s wedding, and my mother loved this book

    24. La povert , il sogno della scrittura, l ispirazione che non arriva, la fame, il dramma dell immigrazione, la terra dei sogni disillusi, il cinema, l a, la morte.Di queste cose, e di molte altre, i racconti di Saroyan costituiscono un piccolo, malinconico compendio.

    25. These stories are a bit hit or miss What charmed me most is that they all take place in San Francisco Here s the best line about the city, Hardly anyone is aware of the seasons out here We have all seasons all the year round.

    26. The fact that the young elder Saroyan can talk about the universal man as much as he does and still have me totally enad is proof of how amazing these stories are Short, sparse, and endless Think early Beckett meets the great depression in SoCal That is, if you dare.

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