Armour Wherein He Trusted None

  • Title: Armour Wherein He Trusted
  • Author: Mary Webb
  • ISBN: 9780140162080
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    • Unlimited Armour Wherein He Trusted - by Mary Webb
      213 Mary Webb
    Armour Wherein He Trusted

    About "Mary Webb"

    1. Mary Webb

      Mary Webb 1881 1927 was an English romantic novelist of the early 20th century, whose novels were set chiefly in the Shropshire countryside and among Shropshire characters and people which she knew and loved well Although she was acclaimed by John Buchan and by Rebecca West, who hailed her as a genius, and won the Prix Femina of La Vie Heureuse for Precious Bane 1924 , she won little respect from the general public It was only after her death that the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, earned her posthumous success through his approbation, referring to her as a neglected genius at a Literary Fund dinner in 1928 Her writing is notable for its descriptions of nature, and of the human heart She had a deep sympathy for all her characters and was able to see good and truth in all of them Among her most famous works are The Golden Arrow 1916 , Gone to Earth 1917 , and Seven for a Secret 1922.

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    1. A strange little book, being made up of an unfinished novel, written in a very different style to the other Mary Webb novels, and a collection of short stories and sketches that appeared in various publications I enjoyed the unfinished novel, although it didn t have any of the grandeur or poetic language and imagery of the other books, but the style somehow suited the story of a young boy, really who falls in love and goes off to fight in the Crusades.However, it was the short stories and sketch [...]

    2. I enjoyed the novel fragment jewel like prose and a fairy tale narrative, creepy at turns and beautifully strange I wish it had been finished it is a gaping, unanswered question The stories are all purple and unforgivably sentimental and yet there are moments of genuine pathos One senses the writer trapped in the notions of her day, wanting both a wide audience as well as to speak truth, and is trapped in between.

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